Saturday, October 23, 2004


[Deep sigh...]

I think we can officially call this 'Kids Weekend'. Do you ever have weekends that tire you out more than the work week? That's this weekend - and it's only Saturday night.

We spent Friday's dinner with Noah's cousins (our niece and nephew). Saturday, after Shana's run, we picked up the cousin's again and went to the Fall Festival at the West University church of Christ. It was raining in the morning, but they made the best of it inside, and the weather eventually cleared enough to have some outside activity as well (a train and a big jumping thingy). It was a blast for all the kids. (And I even ran into a Law School classmate who is a member at West U - I had no idea - and a couple of people I recognized, or recognized me, from Harding - that was pretty wild.)

Tonight we had some friends over we hadn't gotten together with for too long - a couple who are expecting and a friend with a little three year old boy and a girl about Noah's age. We made dinner and caught up. But it's amazing how things have changed - we all became friends almost six years ago when we were working at the same place. Our careers have all led in different directions (I'm the only one at the same place), we're all married, some with kids, some expecting, and those kids have become so much of our lives - playing with them, feeding them, making sure they are killing each other!

But days like to day let me know I'm getting old. All those kids wear me out! When we left the Fall Festival, I could have called it a day. This evening, everyone was out of here by 9:30, and I would have sworn it was 2AM I'm so tired. Those kids must get their limitless energy by sucking it out of me! But it is is an incredible feeling seeing Noah so happy - chasing his cousins, trying to throw a ball at target just like the big kids, playing with his toys with his friends. Tomorrow is going to continue the trend - we teach the 4-year old class at church and then to our Sunday evening life group which has a number of kids. Yep, it's 'kid weekend' and it's been an exhausting treasure!


Chris said...
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Chris said...

Haha. It doesn't let you toss a comment completely. It sticks around to let you know that someone said something, and thought better of it and removed it. :P

I really just wanted to add to it. :) It was really good to see you post about your family like that. I have a pretty good idea about who you are posting about, and I'm excited to see who has kids and who doesn't. Hope you'll post that in the Theta Tau forums soon. Carrie and I are looking forward to the new Church activity in Fort Smith, and are looking forward to seeing all of you again someday. I'm really glad we've caught up on a new medium (forums and here) and I'm really enjoying your daily banter. :)