Friday, October 15, 2004

First Post!

Well, hello. Welcome to my web log - I coudn't resist jumping in now that blogging is all the rage. A couple of quick introductions:

My name is Blake. I'm married to the most beautiful woman in the world, Shana. We have an adorable little son named Noah. Our family is much of our life and happiness. Hopefully I'll have some pictures up soon.

We live in Houston, Tx. We love Houston, especially this time of year - perfect weather, Astros in the playoffs, Texans' football season in full swing. We also have some family here, although not a lot. Houston is such a wonderful place for our family.

We are highly involved in our church and hope to be only more so. At least a portion of this blog will be discussing some of the beliefs that we hold - or are wrestling with - or are searching for. Spiritual growth is a lifelong journey, too often I just want to get settled somewhere - but settled is dangerous ground.

I am in Law School at UH Law Center. Shana is a graduate of South Texas College of Law - so there is a deep love in our family for the Constitution and justice. I am very interested in thinking and discussing politics and what we can do to make our communities and nation a better place for my son, and all our children, than what we were given. I also follow soccer avidly - Shana is a distance runner.

That's a glipse of a lot of what I'm going to collect here: reflections on family, spirituality, the law, politics, sports - and whatever else comes to mind. Let's just hope it's interesting...

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