Friday, October 15, 2004

Best and Worst Presidents

Okay - I thought I'd start with a string of randomly unconnected items that I've put together in the past and would be quick and easy to slap into my blog. I'll start with a listing of the Presidents I put together in the summer of 2004 after Ronald Reagan died. There was much pomp and rememberance after his passing, and it got me to thinking about who were the best Presidents in American history. This listing was based totally on my opinions after a bit of historical research. Here are the Top and Bottom 10:

1. Franklin D. Roosevelt
2. Thomas Jefferson
3. Abraham Lincoln
4. George Washington
5. James Monroe
6. James Madison
7. Theodore Roosevelt
8. Bill Clinton
9. Woodrow Wilson
10. James K. Polk

34. Zachary Taylor
35. Richard Nixon
36. William Henry Harrison
37. Gerald Ford
38. Ulesseys S. Grant
39. Andrew Johnson
40. George W. Bush
41. Warren G. Harding
42. Herbert Hoover
43. James Buchannon


Greg Taylor said...

I like your blog, particularly that you comment on a broad range of subjects, including politics, sports, movies, religion.

After scanning through your posts, I have some things to add:

Movies: Where is "The gods must be crazy"? If this can't make your top 100, then may I suggest you start a best foreign films list!

Presidents: Jimmy Carter in the middle somewhere? I'd put him in top 20, though I'm not as researched on presidents as you are to make any reasoned rankings. Interesting that you have Bush in lower 10, and I'd agree, but sometimes history tells after some time, though it's hard to see what history will tell us any more positive about W. Majority in Nashville seem to love him. W stickers everywhere, mostly on Hummers and Navigators, not that there's anything wrong with that.

Baseball: You obviously have much more research and foundation for your movie and president picks, but here's where I'm going to have to take issue with you. I'm a Cards fan, and I'm dying right now. My wife, Jill, is from Houston and a Stros fan. Our house is divided, so we decided to at least vote in the election for the same person.

Blake said...

(Greg - if you check back):
I haven't seen The Gods Must be Crazy - I'll have to check it out.

I've got J. Carter at #25 on my list. And I don't know just how 'researched' my list is - I'm sure that "real" historians would scoff. But I am a student of history and this is my shot at such a list. (I could get off on the whole need of lists in our pop culture...but I'm obviously just as guilty of that as anyone, so I'll leave it alone.) And as to W.'s ranking - I admit that I'm unduly influenced by my emotional reaction. With the benefit of historical perspective, the past four years may not have be as bad as they feel in the midst.

As far as you being a fan of the Cardinals - let's just say its not quite a "fellowshipping" issue - but it's close!!! :)