Monday, October 18, 2004

20k is a long way...

Yesterday morning Shana ran in a 20k race here in downtown Houston. Wow! 13 miles - she finished up right at 2:00. I cannot even imagine running that far - but she does it and enjoys it. She loves to run - it keeps her calm and at peace. It is great for her. Yesterday, during the run, she developed a blister on the side of her toe. She told me that she wanted to stop running somewhere in the middle because it was hurting so bad - but she was running with her sister who encouraged her to keep pressing on. The competitiveness between the two of them pushed each to run one of the strongest races they had ever run.

Anyway - Congratulations to Shana. Next up is a 25k in November - that's right at 16 miles. She's going run that one and make a decision on running the Houston Marathon in January. She ran the half-marathon (13 mi.) last year, and is considering the big one. (By the way - due to school and family commitments, she had run only once in the month leading up to the half-marathon, and that was only a 3 mile run - but she got out there and ran the whole thing. She is an absolute superwoman, if I do say so myself.)

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kdyniewski said...

congrats to Shania, I am still working towards 7 miles. She gives me hope. I hope to see her at the marathon