Friday, October 15, 2004

100 Favorite American Movies (1-10)

The Top 10 - I'll give a quick comment to each:

1. Casablanca - I love this movie. I can never get too much of it. There is no flaw to this film and the story is engaging every time you see it. This may have been in the midst of the 'assembly-line studio' era, but I've yet to see its equal.
2. Sunset Boulevard - Billy Wilder was the greatest American director. This is his masterwork.
3. Graduate, The - What a terrific capture of a young's man's anxiety's about entering 'real life'.
4. Sound of Music, The - The best musical ever made.
5. Godfather, The - Maybe perfect? Maybe the quintessential American movie?
6. North by Northwest - My favorite Hitchcock. I get caught up in this story everytime I see it.
7. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back - You either love them or hate them, and I love them, and this is best of the trilogy.
8. Citizen Kane - The Epic Ameican film, a story so big it barely fits on the screen.
9. Dr. Strangelove - Every time I watch I laugh through the whole movie, Sellers and Edwards at thier absolute pinnacle.
10. Annie Hall - The premier Woody Allen. Laughs, New York and a quirky story.

That's my favorite 10 films ever.

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