Sunday, February 20, 2005

Extraordinary Times

I know...long time since I've posted. I'll try to keep this up better going forward.

Back on Wednesday, October 27, 2004, I logged a post I entitled "Extraordinary Times". It was about how sometimes I lose sight of the blessings that God surrounds me with because I make them everyday. Those thoughts sprung from the baptism of a man at our church. I highly recommend that anyone reading this jump back to that post and read it. That man was in Houston being treated for cancer, and spoke no English. Go read that post...

Today, God shared with us another extraordinary moment that left my wife and I in tears. After the lesson this morning, several people came forward (including one lady desiring to be baptized and her friend that had been studing the Bible with her). There was also a group of three ladies that came down together - two asking to be baptized, the third a translator.

It turns out that the gentleman who was baptized at our church back in October had lost his battle with cancer, and had passed on to be with God. But here were his wife and daughter, who had sat in on his Bible studies with our minister, choosing to put Christ on in baptism. Their lives had been touched through those studies, and through the example of their husband/father who had committed his life to Christ, and spend the final months of his life in God - and ministering to them - as much as they to him. So, they had made the trip back to Houston from southwest Texas to be baptized at our church by our minster, just as he had. The wife/mother spoke no English, so the confession and baptizm was again interpreted. It was such an amazing time - and truly showed that God indeed can do anything, far above what we could even ask or imagine. It brought much of our body to tears, and it showed us once again, that God is alive...working...and blessing us with extraordinary glimpses of Him.