Friday, May 13, 2005

A Tribute to Power

Nick Penniman, editor of, wrote a good piece today on the Right-Wing-black-tie-multi-million-dollar shindig in "honor" of Tom DeLay last night in D.C.

In it, he touched on one of the perplexing things to me about today's conservatives - they have sold out for power.

Penniman details how DeLay's history is the anthesis of what old-school conservatism would be about:
~ Conservatives used to believe in increased morality in politics. But three of DeLay's close associates have been indicted for illegal campaign addition DeLay himself has been chastised three times by the House ethics committee.

~ Conservatives used to believe in smaller government. But DeLay's 'leadership' has overseen the pharmicudical welfare bill which is the largest social program since the Great Society.

~ Conservatives used to believe in fiscal responsibility. But DeLay has ruled over the turning a surplus into the largest deficit in US history - all the while pushing through tax cuts for millionaires.

~ Conservatives used to believe in opposing gambling interests. But DeLay has been investigated for unethical dealings and compensation for services he provided to American Indian tribes related to the expansion of their gambling operations.

~ Conservativism used to be about principles. Tom DeLay is all about power. And yesterday right-wing conservatives threw him a multi-million dollar, $250-a-plate, $10,000-a-table, black-tie, rally around the Hammer party. The 'Traditional Values Coalition' was there. 'Americans for Tax Reform' was there. The 'Heritage Foundation' was there. The 'Family Research Council' was there. 'American Values' was there. tell me what their values are.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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