Thursday, May 12, 2005

Crime Doesn't Pay

Well, I became the victim of a crime last night for the first time ever (if you don't include the money I lost on Enron stock).

My car was broken into. Whomever the poor soul was who did it must have been sorely disappointed only to rummage through a car with nothing but a few CD's and a ton of little boys toys.

The culprit was actually pretty considerate - they left my work badge, my downtown parking pass, my school parking pass, and all the insurance, etc. info from my glove compartment. It looks as if they were simply rummaging for some cash. They did take a handful of CDs - but anyone who is so desperate as to take off with an Uncle Tupelo, Pearl Jam, Damnations, Slobberbone, and Wilco CDs probably needs them a whole lot worse than I. Frankly, I can only hope they are of good use to the individual. She or he was kind enough to leave my boy's Disney and Veggie Tales CDs sitting on the front seat - I guess that just wasn't their style.

Not exactly a scintilating story for my first crime experienced living in downtown Houston - but hey, I'd prefer to never have another one if I can help it.

I'm still a lot more bitter about those criminals at Enron...

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