Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Is there any hidden meaning here?

Owen uproar may not extend to her appeals court decisions

"She's my friend but more importantly she's a great judge," Bush said. "It's a great day for our friend, to see our friend finally get a just due, after a long, long wait."

Is it just me - or is that a really weird, almost haunting quote. Can't you just see Bush, Cheney, Hutchinson, Cornyn, Frist, Gonzales, and Owen in a back room somewhere with sinister lighting talking about how they can get "friends" in other positions of power? Shudddddddder... I mean, I know there's not really any hidden meaning here, but it's still kind of ... creepy.

In addition,
On the 5th U.S. Circuit, Owen is likely to continue her track record for conservative opinions in civil cases, said David Dow, a University of Houston law center professor. But it is far from certain how she will decide on criminal cases given that her experience comes on the Texas Supreme Court, which did not handle criminal matters.
"Any attempt to predict how she will rule on matters like the death penalty and other criminal issues would not be based on her record as a judge, because she doesn't have a record," Dow said. Texas and Oklahoma are the only states with separate high courts for criminal and civil trials.
For all the upset over Owen's nomination, she is not likely to change the flow of decisions out of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court in New Orleans, experts said.

Professor Dow was my Contracts professor last semester.

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Red. said...

its all a right wing consipracy right? *sigh*