Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The People have Spoken...

(should we listen?!?)

Bush 286:252 Kerry

If you look below, I was off a bit in my forecasting. The following states came in against my expectations:
Bush won NM and OH (which made all the difference)
Kerry won WI

Shana and I spent the evening glued to the TV and internet. This was my first "on-line" election, and I have to admit to being quite the geek - I was monitoring individual county results in Florida and Ohio all evening, to the point where Shana had to stop me from talking back to the commentators on TV who obviously hadn't seen that Dade county had started to report results when he stated that they didn't know if the more pro-Kerry South Florida had were in the numbers they were discussing.

Another peaceful election is behind us. I am struck by how far to the right the Amercian voting populace really is. I probably shouldn't be surprised, but frankly, I am. Not that W. was re-elected, I had guessed at that for quite a while. But I was surprised at how big a victory it was, and the coat-tails bringing expansion of Republican control of the Senate and House and the overwhelming approveal of anti-gay marriage/benefit propositions in 11 states.

I know people who feel thier faith in the American people was restored last night...and I know people who were terrified by and disappointed in with the American people last night.

Share your reaction to the results or how you watched the election in the comments if you wish.

I pray that God continue to bless America, One Nation Under God.

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