Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day in America

I got my vote in! How about you?

Shana and I got in line at our polling place at about 6:50 am. We were about 40-50th in line at that point, but it flowed pretty quickly. I voted at 7:30am - so it was only about a 40 minute wait (much shorter, I'm guessing, that the wait after work would have been).

We are fortunate enough to have possibly the finest polling location in all of the United States. We vote at a little bed and breakfast about 6 blocks away from where we live. It is a georgous old home that is beautifully decorated. This morning, for us early risers, the bed and breakfast had out complimentary doughnuts and coffee which was welcome with our wait in the wet, chilly weather. I feel like we are 'pampered' voters. I read a humorous list of advice to voters last week that noted if you don't know where your polling precinct is located, look for the oldest, darkest, grungiest building in your neighborhood - that's probably it. Fortunately for us, we get a little luxury in the voting process.

The ballot was quite long - with most of the offices being run unopposed. There were three city propositions on the ballot as well. We use an e-slate electronic voting system, and for as long as the ballot was, the job was finished quickly and easily.

I caught the weather before heading out this morning - and I'm a bit concerned. It looked like Florida was going to be clear, which is positive, but it looked like there would be rain all across Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. That worries me. I just hope that the voters up there get up and get out and get their vote in.

I love election day. I saw Tom Brokaw on MSNBC last night, and he made the comment that as polarized as America is right now, it is a beautiful thing that we are making huge decisions on war, homeland security, economy, healthcare and other value issues - with no tanks in the streets, no guerrillas strongarming, etc. I thought that was such a good point that we all just take for granted. I thank God for the wisdom and foresight that he instilled into the founders of our nation, that they were able to create a system in which we can peacefully transfer power according to the will of massive corporations...sorry, I mean the will of the people. :) I truly thank God that I am an American. Today is a great day - today American can take a step, even if a baby step, forward to being a better country for our grandchildren than it is for us. What a wonderful system.

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