Friday, November 05, 2004

It's really all too easy...

Texas published the list of those who passed the July 2004 Bar Exam yesterday - and Shana passed! We are both just thrilled.

Personally, I never felt it was in doubt, but she had been nervous about actually seeing the results nonetheless. Probably a large part of that concern is the way that Texas publishes the results. They set a date, and the names of everyone who passed are published on a website. So anyone who knew you were taking the exam can search to see if you passed or not - so there is a fair amount of public pressure in the procedure.

This was a difficult summer for us, due to her concentration and study for the exam. I am so thankful that God blessed her to get through the grueling two month long study ordeal; with the discipline, ability and knowledge to pass the exam; and most of all to NEVER HAVE TO GO THROUGH THAT AGAIN!!! The bar exam is as much about attrition as it is about a testing of legal knowledge - and she persevered.

She will be sworn in at a formal ceremony in Austin, TX on November 15.

Top 5% of her class, Magna Cum Laude, Law Review and now member of the Texas bar. Congratulations to Shana, or should I say, counselor!!!

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