Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Don't Underrate Houston... has an interesting article up about the most underrated cities in America - Top 10 underrated U.S. cities; Sure, N.Y., Chicago, S.F. are nice, but don't forget these overlooked locales

The list includes a few that I would have expected (Pittsburgh, Portland) - and also includes my hometown. Here is the write up for #3 must underrated city - Houston, Texas:
Houston is proof that everything is indeed bigger in Texas. While better known for its big business and energy interests, this sprawling city also hosts top-notch orchestra, opera, and ballet companies, a dynamic theater scene, great museums, and the world-renowned NASA Space Center. Shopping reigns supreme here — you'll find a huge concentration of shops and above-par outlet malls — and its cosmopolitan restaurant scene expands upon the state's traditional Tex-Mex offerings. Bold and impressive architecture helps define the cityscape, too — including the mammoth Astrodome — making this fourth-largest U.S. city a true star in the Lone Star State.

Very nice.

And I'd just like to add that Dallas didn't make the list...

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Randy said...

I am sorry, you should have the honesty to mention the abject poverty that is so abundant in Houston. The horrid schools. Yeah, you can shop until you drop, but you will probably get shot in the shopping ctr parking lot. High crime rates and easy access to firearms make Houston such a great place to live.

Take care, Randy