Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I occassionally listen to my share of right-wing wacko radio...don't ask.

Anyway, I am consistently shocked by the amount of lies, misrepresentation, intellectual dishonesty, hypocricy, and hateful speech to be found on the shows of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Michael Savage.

(Okay, to be honest, I'm not really shocked - these are typical Republican tactics. What is a better way to say it - I'm disheartened that it is so brazen and people actually accept this tripe.)

There is too much of it to chronicle - but I'm especially apalled today by Sean Hannity. Back in the spring, he spent show after show after show defending the alleged rapists in the Durham, NC lacrosse team incident. What possible reason to defend such behavior? Astonishing.

Today on his show he proceeded to defend the Michael Richards racial slur incident - and push blame upon the minorities in the audience, one of whom was a guest on his show. Why defend such action? Astounding.

And then - in his next segment - he proceeds to defend the alleged murderers who fired over 50 rounds in killing an unarmed young groom at his bachelor party. Again, what possible use is there in defending such horrific behavior? Bewildering.

This is reprehensible - and anyone who listens to these shows should be offended. Even if you are a conservtive, or even a Republican - if you condone such reprehensible behvior you should rationally and critically think about why. Hannity certainly won't - he traded rational and critical thought for ratings years ago.


Anonymous said...

Here's a story on the how the N.C. bar is filed ethics charges against Mike Nifong concerning his conduct in the Duke Lacross sexual assault case.


I'm not a big fan of Sean Hannity,but that shouldn't have any impact on whether or not he has a credible argument.

As to the racist remarks of Michael Richards, I think most people including Sean Hannity would agree that they are shameful. However, part of the problem with race relations in America is that anytime there are claims of racism, white people climb over eachother like a bunch of crabs trying to prove who is the least racist of them all.

Sure the behavior by Michael Richards is inexcusable, but why is racist or crude behavior from black Americans any less reprehensible? Ignoring it doesn't improve race relations. Condoning it is a form of racism in itself. It's like saying black people don't have the sense to behave properly so we have to exuse them from acting like asses.

There is a growing movement in the black community to bring back ethical behavior and self determination as principles to be upheld rather than excused.

Read the book "White Guilt" by Shelby Steele (a black author) and get off the soap box. I believe you, you're not a racist. Now join the human race and criticize what should be criticized and stop excusing other peoples behavior for the wrong reasons.

Blake said...

First - let me apologize for not posting your comment in a more timely fashion. I've failed to check into the blog often during the holidays, and wasn't checking for comments.

Having said that - I think you miss the bigger issue I was trying to comment on in this post. Regardless of the rape charges being dropped in the NC case (although I believe other assault charges still remain), regardless of the crude or racist behavior of anyone else - there is a startling, and unsavory, tendency for Hannity and his ilk to IMMEDIATELY rush to judgment in these sorts of situations.

I am not trying to excuse anyone's poor behavior. I am trying to expose the fact that it is no coincidence in the defensive positions that the right-wing takes on these issues. Even if those positions later prove correct, they are not initially taken based upon facts, but are instead knee-jerk reactions. I think that is, at a minimum, regrettable...and likely something more shameful.

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