Monday, October 31, 2005

And Alito it is...

This morning, President Bush nominated Samuel A. Alito to replace Sandra Day O'Connor as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

Below I discussed a bit about Judge Alito. My initial reaction this morning was that I think that Alito is a vey good pick for Bush. He is a fiercely conservative judge (along with Roberts, Thomas, and Scalia they will make up a fiercely conservative wing of the court...maybe the most conservative ever??!??!??!?? The Four Horsemen ride again...), yet very qualified, and quite respected. I don't think this is a selection that can (or should) be filibustered. (The puzzeling thing is simply why this wasn't Bush's initial pick, instead of his Best Buddy Ever!!!)

I will be interested to read more about Judge Alito over the coming weeks, and listen intently to his confirmation hearings.

My initial reaction is similar to my reaction to the nomination of Chief Justice Roberts - that he was a good pick, will be confirmed, but if I were a Senator I would vote know. As you may recall, reading about C.J. Roberts, and then listening to a large amount of the confirmation hearings changed my mind, and had I been a Senator I would have voted for Roberts...not because I think that he will decide cases the same as I would, but because of his clear qualification, clear intelligence and understanding of Constitutional law, and because he appeared clearly to be in the mainstream of legal thought - even if on the right side of that mainstream.

Although today, I doubt I would vote for Judge Alito - I'm interested in how that will/might change as I learn more about him.

Congratulations to Judge Alito on this nomination.
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