Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Bue Kismus

Hope that you and your's had a wonderful holiday season. Obviously I haven't posted in a long while, primarily due to the holidays.

We had a really wonderful week for Christmas - we even had a snow while in Dallas on Wednesday that gave us more of a seasonal feel. And Noah received so many wonderful toys and books and clothes. We've been packing up loads of older stuff to take down to goodwill to make room.

One small anecdote from our Christmas season. On Dec. 17th Shana had to go up to Dallas, so Noah and I had a boys weekend together. That Friday night, I decided to take him up to Hermann Park to see the Holiday Festival of Lights display. On our way in I had the Christmas music station on, and while we were parking, Elvis' Blue Christmas was playing. When I got Noah out of the car and he and I were walking up to the park Noah was singing/shouting over and over:

Bu-bu-bue Kismus

He really couldn't say blue or Christmas...but it is one of my best memories of Christmas 2004!!!

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